THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER: Family Fears That Chelsea Clinton’s Husband Is “Cracking Up”


The stint Chelsea Clinton’s husband, Marc Mezvinsky, took out west might have been a last ditch effort to help him bounce back from a psychological break.

According to the National Enquirer (obviously there’s a reason to be sceptical) it didn’t work, and now Mezvinsky is headed to a mental hospital.

The story says he had a “mental break,” which was in part caused by a family feud.

Here are the details of the Enquirer’s story.

The family feud: 

  • The Clintons apparently want Marc to break ties with his father, former Iowa congressman and convicted felon Ed Mezvinsky.
  • Marc fled to Wyoming after he had a knock-down, drag-out fight with Chelsea over starting a family.
  • Marc’s dad blames Bill and Hillary for his son’s mental problems.
  • Marc’s half-sister told the Enquirer: “The things that have happened to Ed since this whole Clinton situation took place are unthinkable! He’s been treated in a disgusting way by everybody involved, and he’s very upset.”

The mental breakdown:

  • His family thinks he’s “cracking up.”
  • Marc “is not the same person” since taking a leave of absence from G3 Capital, the New York-based hedge fund he works/worked for.
  • Marc’s first cousin Andrea Mezvinsky told the Enquirer he’s “undergoing a crisis.”
  • Family members are apparently deeply concerned that he was cracking up.
  • “There’s fear Marc is headed to a mental hospital.”

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