Marc Jacobs Tells What To Do When You're Terrified Of Speaking In Public

Marc Jacobs

Photo: AP

On Monday evening at Lincoln centre, fashion designer Marc Jacobs accepted his Lifetime Achievement award from the Council Of Fashion Designers Of America (CFDA). He accepted the award from Sofia Coppola (who even said, “I need to slow down” during her speech). Not many people love standing before their peers under a harsh spotlight, and Jacobs was clearly in that category. Earlier this week, he had yet to write the speech.”I’ve been struggling with writing it, to be honest. I’m not a good writer at all,” he tells New York Mag. “Anytime anyone’s ever asked me to write something, what I do is, I write notes and thoughts, and they build up and over a week I kind of edit through those thoughts. And then I try to put them in some order and then I reread it. Then I run it by somebody. Then I rewrite it.” 

When he stepped up to the podium, he was already visibly sweating; and while delivering the speech — which was only two minutes long — he relied on his three pages of notes. It was an emotional speech, but he kept his composure. Watching his performance is a reminder of how long two minutes can be when all eyes are on you.

Coppola also reminds us of one of the keys to delivering a good speech: go slowly.


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