Marc Faber Has An Unexpected Safe-Haven Investment For You

In comparison to other asset prices, Marc Faber sees home prices in Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada, as well as a few other states, as relatively inexpensive.
“You have to ask yourself what asset prices will be relatively secure. I happen to think real estate, because of its wide ownership, it will be relatively safe compared to financial assets, which will remain volatile.”

Faber also looked at real estate stocks, which have doubled since he recommended them in November. He sees them now in a correction phase and expects them to go lower. So, while Faber sees residential real estate as generally undervalued, he does not recommend buying home building stocks.
“All I am saying is that compared to other asset prices, real estate prices in parts of the United States are relatively inexpensive. Everything is mispriced, because when you have zero interest rates you have a complete mispricing of all assets.”  

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