Marc Benioff Has The Absolute Best Take On Microsoft's Surface Pro

There is basically no one in tech that’s as good at ribbing Microsoft as Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff. He has consistently tweaked Microsoft with funny, generally over the top statements.

Unlike your garden-variety Microsoft insulter, the stakes are a bit higher with Benioff. He’s competing with Microsoft, and unlike, say, an anonymous Twitter troll, he’s the CEO of a public $24 billion company.

At the same time, because he’s always tweaking Microsoft, his insults carry a little less weight. It’s quite clear he has an agenda.

Anyway! That’s a very long preamble for a very short, very funny tweet from Benioff. Without further ado, here is his review of the Surface Pro, Microsoft’s tablet that wants to be a laptop that wants to be a tablet that nobody really seems to like all that much:

This isn’t the first time he made fun of the Surface. In November, when the Surface RT was released, he delivered this take down:

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