Marc Benioff Earned $22 Million Last Year Including $648,000 Spent On Body Guards

Marc Benioff paid CEO Marc Benioff $22 million in total compensation last year, up a whopping 25 per cent from the year before, reports Bloomberg’s Lisa Rapaport.

Benioff received a base salary of $1 million, a bonus of $1.3 million and the rest in stock options.

The biggest perk he got was sort of a sad one: Salesforce spent $648,456 on body guards and other physical security, according to documents filed with the SEC.

Last year was the first time hired body guards for Benioff, and we imagine they were an interesting addition to his life. Benioff is famous for daredevil behaviour like walking on coals and bungee jumping.

He’s certainly not the only CEO to get a body guard entourage paid for by the company. Dell spends $2.7 million annually on his family’s security, according to proxy statements filed with the SEC.

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