Shoe aficionado Marc Benioff just revealed his new kicks for Dreamforce -- and they're a lot more discreet than in past years

Marc Benioff is going for a more understated look at Dreamforce this year, if his customised pair of Adidas is any indication.

The CEO of Salesforce and renowned sneaker lover posted a photo of his new black and white Adidas on Twitter on Wednesday, in a Tweet showing his excitement for Dreamforce — the company’s annual user conference which will take over the streets and hotel lobbies of San Francisco from November 6 to 9.

The Adidas are the classic Superstar Shoe, which anyone can buy online and customise for $US80, plus $US5 for each shoe with customised text. 

Though less flashy than some, the shoes are part of Benioff’s long-held tradition of donning customised sneakers at the annual 170,000-person event.

In 2014, he wore a funky pair of black high-tops with a sparkly blue cloud, meant to signify cloud computing, which Salesforce and Benioff helped to define. 

For Dreamforce 2013, Benioff wore colourful shoes with a red toe and more sparkly blue clouds.

In 2012, people went wild over his $US1,300 paid of Christian Louboutin “Louis Geek” shoes, which he wore for his keynote.

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