ANDREESSEN: I 'Can't Wait' To Try The Apple Watch

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Prominent venture capitalist Marc Andreessen “can’t wait” to try out Apple’s first smartwatch when it launches in 2015, he told CNET News in a recently published interview.

Since Tim Cook took over as Apple’s CEO, many have questioned whether or not he will be capable of keeping innovation alive in the company. According to Andreessen, the Apple Watch and Apple Pay will answer this question when they both launch.

Apple Pay, the company’s first mobile payment solution, is set to launch this month. Apple hasn’t specified a time frame beyond early 2015 for the launch of its first smartwatch, but reports have suggested in could arrive in time for Valentine’s Day.

Andreessen said he’s not sure what has favourite feature of the Apple Watch will be, but he’s expecting it to be useful for keeping his email under control. His venture capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz, has a firm rule that VCs shouldn’t use phones, tablets, laptops, or check their email during meetings, he told CNET News.

But with the Apple Watch, he may be able to discretely sneak a few glances at his inbox. He did note that the screen is “small,” however.

Apple WatchABlogToWatchThe Apple Watch

The Apple Watch, which the company unveiled last month, is Apple’s first wearable device to date. The basic form factor of the watch may look similar to others at first glance, but Apple claims it has revolutionised the way people interact with smartwatches. Rather than using a touch screen to navigate the interface, the Apple Watch allows you to scroll using the digital crown, which protrudes from the side of the watch.

Based on what Apple has shown, it seems as if the Apple Watch will focus on fitness and style. It comes in a variety of high-end styles as well as a sport edition, and is capable of sensing your heartbeat, showing text messages from your phone, and more.

Apple hasn’t mentioned how long its battery life will be, but did say you would need to charge it every day — hinting that it may not last as long as some may have hoped.

Disclosure: Marc Andreessen is an investor in Business Insider.

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