Marazzi Design gives us the Worlds Most Expensive Kitchen : Colosseo Oro

Its quite unlike the usual most expensive gimmick. While we are usually stuck with the occasional gold and diamond encrusted gizmo that promises to be the most expensive ever – a most expensive kitchen certainly had our curiosity piqued. And at an asking price of £300,000 – it definitely does seem that they are serious about it.

To begin with, the Colosseo Oro is a limited edition. So only 10 people around the globe shall ever claim boasting rights to having one installed in their homes. The $450,000 USD gets you a 24 carat gold leafing finished kitchen with crocodile embossed leather, metallic gloss Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances, and Venetian ink- stained gold glass. The requisite Swarovski crystals are absent, but in their place are Swarovski crystal lights which promise to give the same shiny effect. To ensure that everything looks bright and shine, the surfaces in the kitchen have been finished with 12 coats of clear lacquer – good enough even for Queen Nefertiti who loved focusing on looking perfect even in ancient Egypt.

The appliances in the kitchen and state of the art gadgetry includes a Rorgue Cooker from none other then Gordon Ramsay (two tonne) as well as a Zaha Hadid designer tap that usually retails for $12,000+. The total cost of these appliances can be rounded off to $85,000 according to Marazzi Design.

The philosophy of designer Paul Marazzi is certainly reflected in his work “A kitchen is for living in – this is at the hear of what we believe at Marazzi Design. Your kitchen should be at the centre of your home – a place to chop and chat and interact.”

Some more fantastic designs can be viewed in the Kitchen Gallery at Marazzi Designs.

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