MAPS: The Blue Mountains Bushfires Shown To Scale Against Major Global Cities

The three major bushfires burning just outside of Sydney today are so large that they dwarf the metropolitan areas of major commercial capitals like New York and Hong Kong.

The NSW Rural Fire Service is battling to control the State Mine fire in Lithgow, which is the largest of the three and covered almost 43,000 hectares as of 10.45am.

Firefighters deliberately joined the State Mine fire to the 2,300-hectare Mt Victoria fire in the south this morning in an effort to prevent them from joining up with the out-of-control, 3,100-hectare Springwood/Winmalee fire to the south-east.

To scale, here’s what the Blue Mountains bushfires look like this morning, and just how big they are in comparison to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, New York, Hong Kong and London:

The Blue Mountains fires in situ

Firefighters joined the State Mine and Mt Victoria fires this morning. The Springwood/Winmalee fire, to the south-east, still is classified as out of control.

Fires overlaid over Sydney

The Blue Mountains fires would cover a huge chunk of the Sydney metropolitan area. Our comparison map shows that the two joined fires would stretch from Bondi to about two-thirds the way to Penrith, with the Springwood fire covering an area roughly the size of Campbelltown.

Fires overlaid over Melbourne

The Blue Mountains fires are so large that they would stretch from Melbourne's CBD to the Sugarloaf Reservoir in the Christmas Hills.

Fires overlaid over Brisbane

Compared to the Brisbane region, the combined State Mine and Mt Victoria fires would stretch about 40km from the coast to the city of Ipswich.

Fires overlaid over Perth

Overlaid lengthwise over Perth, the Blue Mountains fires would nearly stretch from Jandakot to Joondalup.

Fires overlaid over Adelaide

Overlaid lengthwise over Adelaide, the State Mine fire would reach the manufacturing suburb of Elizabeth from the Marino Conservation Park.

Fires overlaid over New York

The Blue Mountains fires would easily cover the entire Manhattan area.

Fires overlaid over Hong Kong

Similarly, the Blue Mountains fires would cover most of Hong Kong.

Fires overlaid over London

Our comparison map shows how the largest of the NSW fires would cover inner London.

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