These 23 Fascinating Maps Show Where Everyone In America Shops

Nathan Yau — the geeky genius behind FlowingData and two must-have books about data visualisation — published a series of map visualizations he developed with AggData about grocery stores.

The maps show the locations of regional Supermarket chains in America, and it’s an awesome look at the heavily segmented food market in America. 

Everyone knows the feeling when going on vacation or off to college where you have to deal with all new new supermarkets. No longer would you have to decide between ShopRite or Stop & Shop, now you have to figure out what the deal is with Kroger or if a multi-billion dollar corporation with a name like Piggly Wiggly is in fact just a widespread joke that the whole American South is in on. 

Anyway, here’s the awesome graphic that Yau gave us permission to share (click to enlarge): 

stores country


See his full post here > 

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