Maple Leaf On Canadian $20 Bill Doesn't Look Canadian — It Looks Norwegian

canadian currency 20 billBtw, the Queen isn’t Canadian either.

Photo: Michael Lewkowitz / Flickr

Canada’s got a new $20 bill with a cool maple leaf on it.Unfortunately, experts consulted by Canada’s Globe And Mail say it’s not a Canadian maple leaf.  Rather, it’s Norwegian.

However, The Bank of Canada disagrees.  From the Globe and Mail:

“We created an image for the bank note that represents a stylised Canadian maple leaf, if you will, so that it wouldn’t represent any specific species, specifically not the Norway maple,” said spokeswoman Julie Girard.

Ms. Girard said the bank worked with a botanist who specialises in trees. However, she declined to reveal the scientist’s name, citing privacy reasons.

For more on the bill and botany, head to

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