Here's a map of where to catch the best Pokémon in London in 'Pokémon Go'

Pokemon go buckingham palace gym mapRob Price/BIBuckingham Palace is home to two of London’s most popular gyms.

“Pokémon Go” can be immensely frustrating.

The augmented reality smartphone game has taken the world with the promise of letting you catch your favourite pokémon from your childhood — if you can actually find them.

All too often you’ll get excited by the rustling of virtual grass, only to catch your twelfth Drowzee of the day, rather than the Lapras you were praying for.

It’s not yet entirely clear what makes some pokémon spawn in some areas and not in others. But in an attempt to help one another track down the best virtual critters out there, crowdsourced maps are being put together that anyone can submit pokémon sightings to.

Some, like Gotta Catch’em All, focus on specific regions (in that case, Boston). But others cover the entire globe. Pokemapper is one of these, with thousands of pokémon sightings listed — including plenty in London. It’s colour-coded to make it easier to navigate: Blue for water-types, green for grass-types, purple for ghost-types, and so on. Just tap on a circle to see what pokémon it is.

Squirtles in Knightsbridge, Machamps in Woolwich, and Dragonairs on the Isle of Dogs are among those on the map. Check it out below, and if it doesn’t load properly, click here for the full map.

Note: Because the listings are all user submitted, we can’t verify them. Some are obviously fake — it says there are Mewtwos in Belgravia, for example — but there’s no reason to believe the majority of sightings aren’t legitimate. And if there aren’t currently any sightings in your area, then check back soon, as the map is being added to all the time.

If you’ve already caught some badass pokémon in London, then check out our map of the city’s hottest “Pokémon Go” gyms where you can battle them »

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