This map shows which states in the US are competing to top California-based Uber's $15.7 billion in equity funding

CB Insights
  • With $US15.7 billion in equity funding, Uber is the most highly-funded tech startup in the United States.
  • This map by CB Insights shows that there’s plenty of money to go around.
  • Florida’s Magic Leap, an augmented reality has raised $US2.4 billion in funding, while Illinois’s’ Avant, a financial technology company has raised $US655 million, and Georgia’s Kabbage, an online lending platform that has raised $US490 million.
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With $US15.7 billion in equity funding in its pocket, the San Francisco, California-based ride-hailing company Uber has raised more money than any other tech startup in the country. But California isn’t the only state in the union harboring highly-funded tech startups.

Upserve Sheryl HoskinsUpserveUpserve CEO Sheryl Hoskins runs the most highly-funded startup in Rhode Island.

In this graphic, research firm CB Insights identified the most highly-funded companies in each of the 50 states, plus Washington, D.C. Some of those companies include Florida’s Magic Leap, an augmented reality company that’s disclosed $US2.4 billion in funding, Illinois’ Avant, a financial technology company that’s raised $US655 million, and Georgia’s Kabbage, an online lending platform that has raised $US490 million.

The list also includes ten different unicorns – companies valued over $US1 billion – from Washington, D.C.’s Vox Media to Utah’s

While hge amounts of equity funding can be found across the country, three of the states didn’t have any companies that fit CB Insight’s full criteria, which required that companies have raised at least $US1 million in equity funding since January 2014. Those states are Alaska, Mississippi, and Wyoming.

Alaska’s Resource Data, for instance, has raised $US1.59 million in equity funding, but it’s raised the sum through multiple small angel rounds.

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Here’s the full list:

  • Alabama: AfterSchool, $US16.4 million
  • Alaska: Resource Data, $US1.59 million
  • Arizona: IO Data Centres, $US311 million
  • Arkansas: One Country, $US100 million
  • California: Uber, $US15.7 billion
  • Colorado: Welltok, $US339.43 million
  • Connecticut: Cedar Gate Technologies, $US220 million
  • DC: Vox Media, $US324.65 million
  • Delaware: SevOne, $US203.5 million
  • Florida: Magic Leap, $US2.4 billion
  • Georgia: Kabbage, $US490 million
  • Hawaii: Ibis Networks, $US4.83 million
  • Idaho: CradlePoint, $US154.8 million
  • Illinois: Avant, $US655 million
  • Indiana: Scale Computing, $US89.67 million
  • Iowa: Involta, $US79.5 million
  • Kansas: C2FO, $US199.68 million
  • Kentucky: Lucina Health, $US24.49 million
  • Louisiana: Lucid, $US64.22 million
  • Maine: Tilson Technology Management, $US109.4 million
  • Maryland: Sonatype, $US142.6 million
  • Massachusetts: DraftKings, $US727.6 million
  • Michigan: Llamasoft, $US56.1 million
  • Minnesota: Code42 Software, $US137.5 million
  • Mississippi: Next Gear Solutions, $US11.05 million
  • Missouri: PayIt, $US108 million
  • Montana: Blackmore Sensors & Analytics, $US21.5 million
  • Nebraska: Hudl, $US106.19 million
  • Nevada: PlayStudios, $US36.17 million
  • New Hampshire: FlexEnergy, $US46.24 million
  • New Jersey: Vidyo, $US171.91 million
  • New Mexico: Skorpios Technologies, $US45.17 million
  • New York: Infor, $US4.1 billion
  • North Carolina: Epic Games, $US1.6 billion
  • North Dakota: Myriad Mobile, $US10.6 million
  • Ohio: Root Insurance, $US159 million
  • Oklahoma: SendaRide, $US1.74 million
  • Oregon: Jama Software, $US233 million
  • Pennsylvania: Duolingo, $US108.3 million
  • Rhode Island: Upserve, $US191.45 million
  • South Carolina: Commerce Guys, $US46.3 million
  • South Dakota: Covered Insurance Solutions, $US4.63 million
  • Tennessee: SmileDirectClub, $US426.7 million
  • Texas: WP Engine, $US289.2 million
  • Utah:, $US264.3 million
  • Vermont: Faraday, $US5.49 million
  • Virginia: Privia Health, $US432.84 million
  • Washington: Rover, $US280.9 million
  • West Virginia: Geostellar, $US29.97 million
  • Wisconsin: EatStreet, $US44.74 million
  • Wyoming: Mountain Origins Design (dba Stio), $US17.2 million

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