Mapping The Lack Of Parity In The NBA

If you want to win in the NBA, you need superstars. Below is look at the top 20 players in the NBA over the last two seasons based on Win Shares, a statistic that measures the overall impact a player has on his team’s chances of winning a basketball game.

Only 12 teams have at least one top-20 player, leaving 18 teams with almost no hope of winning an NBA title this season. Two teams, the Lakers and Heat, have three such players each.

Of course, this is based on the past two season and certainly some of these guys are getting older (e.g. Kevin Garnett), and some younger players may be ready to jump up into this group (e.g. Andrew Bynum). But until that happens, this is the map of superstars in the NBA (click on image for a larger version)…

NBA Parity Map

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