MAP: The Cheapest Places To Buy Gas In America tells you which cities and states have the highest and lowest prices, what direction they’re moving, how much gas your roadtrip will cost…really, anything you can name.

But by far the coolest element on the site is this gas price heatmap.  Head to for the interactive version



We’ve previously discussed what factors go into determining the pump price.

The map provides a tidy illustration of those various elements:

  • As a result of refining requirements, taxes and distance from the Gulf (from where the majority of crude gets piped), prices on the West Coast are highest
  • Meanwhile, prices closer to the Gulf are lowest
  • Big cities like New York and Chicago subject drivers to astronomically high gas taxes
  • Great Lakes states also have high excise taxes

Gas prices have seen the greatest drop-off in South Dakota, where prices have declined an average of 3 cents in recent weeks. Among municipalities, the Quad Cities in neighbouring Iowa have seen declines of more than six cents.

The news is not entirely good. Most experts now agree that with the exception of California, which has experienced refinery outages — declines are now  almost always tied to sluggish economic growth.

Which means any price increase is unlikely to be caused by healthy demand surges. 

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