MAP: The Biggest Of The NSW Fires Would Cover A Vast Area Of The Sydney Metropolitan Region

The largest of the bushfires burning in NSW at the moment would cover a vast chunk of the Sydney metropolitan area.

Overlaying the map of the Lithgow fire onto the Sydney metropolitan area, to scale, shows the vast challenge confronting firefighters trying to control the blaze. The map of the fire overlaid on the city shows its boundaries would reach from the eastern suburbs, through the CBD and two-thirds the way to Penrith in the west.

More than 200 homes have been lost to fires in the Blue Mountains since Thursday, and authorities now fear that three major fires in the region will merge into a “mega fire”.

The largest of the Blue Mountains fires today is the State Mine fire in Lithgow, which has a 300km fire front.

The large red zone in our comparison map below shows just how much of Sydney the State Mine fire would cover: (click the photo for a larger version)

Two of the major NSW bushfires superimposed over the Sydney metro area. Source: Ben White, Business Insider Australia

The Australian reports that the State Mine blaze is moving towards another fire in Mount Victoria, which is depicted by the smaller red zone in the map and has a 60km fire front.

Another major fire around Springwood and Winmalee already has burned out 2,700 hectares nearby.

The NSW Rural Fire Service is maintaining an up-to-date account of the bushfires here.

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