MAP: The best and worst places to find a job in Australia

The Darwin Beer Can Regatta. Terry Trewin/Getty Images

Darwin is the best and Townsville is the worst place in Australia to find a job, according to analysis of jobs listed online in 15 cities.

Adzuna, which creates an index of job vacancies, says there are fewer candidates going for the same job in Darwin — 2.24 job seekers per vacancy — than in any other city.

This is due to a strong job market, buoyed by a significant investment in liquefied natural gas in 2014 but without the population growth to match.

Townsville is the worst place to find a job in Australia because of a dramatic decline in the mining sector, resulting in more people trying to find a job.

Here are the best and worst places to find a job:


Raife Watson, CEO of Adzuna Australia, says the traditional manufacturing and energy cities of Townsville and Newcastle are facing a very real employment crisis.

“Sydney continues to offer great opportunity for those looking for work with unemployment declining and vacancies increasing,” he says.

“However the disparity between Sydney’s economic growth and the rest of Australia is a growing concern.”

Adzuna, a search engine for jobs, aggregates and analyses millions of advertisements and thousands of information sources to determine which cities have the better jobs prospects.

*Disclaimer: Adzuna is a subsidiary of Fairfax Media, which also owns Business Insider Australia’s publisher, Allure.

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