This map shows which countries people are leaving and entering

One of the biggest stories right now is Europe’s migration crisis.

But Europe isn’t the only place that’s seen a large influx of migrants in recent years.

In a recent research report, RBC Capital Markets analysts shared this map showing net migration across the world.

Countries that are in blue have seen a net influx of migrants, while those in red have seen more people leave the country than enter. The darker the colour, the greater the population change.

Notably (but unsurprisingly), people tend to leave poorer countries in favour of richer ones.

Europe, Canada, and Australia stand out as countries that received a lot of migrants. Additionally, Saudi Arabia sees a large influx of migrants, who make up a majority of its labour force.

On the flip side, Libya and Sudan stand out as countries that saw large numbers exit. And Northern Africa, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and pockets of South America also saw migrants leave.

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