The Mythical 'Map Of The Internet 2.0' Is Even Better Than The First

Amateur graphic designer Martin Vargic has put together the second version of his “Map of the Internet,” and not surprisingly, it’s even better than the first.

His original map, put together using Photoshop along with data from Alexa, featured websites as different countries within different categories divided among continents. He’s done the same thing on his second design, with such mythical places as the “Data Ocean,” the country of “Internet Crime,” and the “Developer Sea.”

While he didn’t have Business Insider on his first attempt, he’s included it on the second, among many other news websites below the “Information Sea.”

Of course, he wasn’t able to include every website. Besides the fact that Vargic is not a full-time graphic designer (he does this for fun), the sheer size of the internet forced him to choose only the largest websites.

“Due to the immense size of the net, only a minuscule portion of it was chosen to represent it on the map,” he wrote on DeviantArt. “Otherwise, this map would be unreadable and probably undrawable in [the] entire lifespan of [the] average human being.”

Still, there’s an incredible level of detail on the map, which is modelled after the style often seen in National Geographic. The map and some zoomed-in portions are below, but you can see a larger view and order prints at his DeviantArt page, or check out his website at

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