MAP OF THE DAY: The Real 2012 White House Race

The race to the White House is won or lost on the electoral college map. Real Clear Politics has the first breakdown of where President Barack Obama stands against the GOP in electoral college maths. The RCP map puts the president just slightly ahead with 197 likely electoral college votes, compared to 191 likely Republican votes.

With 150 Electoral College votes up for grabs, Obama is in for a tough battle to capture the 270 electoral votes needed to win the general election. To have any chance of winning, his campaign needs to secure the 34 votes currently leaning toward Obama, as well as capture a good chunk of the tossup states. 

To accomplish this, Obama’s team hopes to play on as big an Electoral College map as possible to hold on to the states Obama won in 2008, as well as compete in traditional Republican strongholds like Georgia and Arizona. The Republicans, by contrast, want to shrink the map to focus on winning back key battleground states like Florida and Ohio.

Without a clear Republican frontrunner, it’s too early to tell how the dueling strategies will play out. But after Obama’s impressive 2008 electoral college win, the first 2012 map is yet another indication of the president’s grim re-election prospects.

electoral college map

Photo: Courtesy of RealClearPolitics

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