MAP OF THE DAY: Here's What BP THOUGHT Was The Worst Case Scenario

response plan

Is the massive oil spill that could wreck the Gulf Economy a black swan event?

BP keeps a 600-page Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Response Plan, with maps to show how far the oil could spread, what environmental regions it could devastate, and how quickly the company could deploy those controversial dispersants (via Shreveport Times).

Of course, the actual oil spill response has been pretty disappointing. It turns out BP analysts were lying to themselves about how bad it could get.

BP GOM facilities

Worst case spill range

Worst case spill range #2

Worst case spill range -- seabed map

Worst case spill range #3

Chemical dispersant plan

Chemical dispersant plan #2

Threatened regions

Threatened regions #2

Threatened regions #3

Estimated response time: Florida

Estimated response time: Mississippi & Alabama

Estimated response time: East Louisiana

Estimated response time: West Louisiana

Estimated response time: Texas

Environmental risks

Environmental risks: Florida

Environmental risks: Louisiana

Environmental risks: Texas

Which Coast Guard office to call when a rig goes down

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