Here's How Much Your State Cares About Climate Change [MAP]

How much does your state care about climate change?

The map below, courtesy of AllianceBernstein, will give you an idea as it shows renewable energy portfolio targets across the country. States invest in renewables to decrease their carbon output and their dependence on oil, coal, and natural gas.

In the map, 29 states plus Washington D.C. and two U.S. territories have renewable portfolio standards. These are shown in deep orange.

The percentage represents how much energy each state has committed to getting from renewable sources by a given year. For example, Washington has set a goal to get 15% of its energy from renewables by 2020. Utilities that fail to meet the standard can face penalties.

Eight states, shown in lighter orange, have softer renewable energy targets, categorized as “goals.”

The remaining states, shown in white, have no targets at all, meaning they do not plan to invest in renewables (and therefore probably don’t care about climate change).

Within the Union, Hawaii is No. 1 with the highest target, while California, Colorado, and Maine each have targets of at least 30%.

The Northern Mariana Islands, a U.S. holding, is technically No. 1 at a remarkable 80%.

Here’s the map:

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