Interactive Map Shows Where People With HIV Live In America

We don’t hear too much about HIV these days. Treatment is helping people live longer and healthier lives, and some even don’t need to continue taking medication if they are treated early enough. There’s talk of scientists being on the “brink of a cure” for the virus.

But the truth is 15,000 people die from AIDS every year in the U.S., and over a million people are currently living with the disease. The stunning AIDSVu maps, created by the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University, help us understand what those numbers really mean. North and South Dakota are grayed out because the states didn’t release their data to AIDSVu:

HIV incidence US

You can see the information by state and county too. Here’s New York:

HIV incidence San Francisco

HIV incidence New York City

San Francisco:And Miami, where the rate is a stunning 1,208 people per 100,000:

HIV incidence Miami

You can also filter the maps using different factors, like age, race, and sex and even social determinants of health, like eduction, income, and health insurance. Go to AIDSVu to play around with the maps.

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