MAP: If All The Ice On Earth Melted, Australia Would Have An Inland Sea

Sources: Philippe Huybrechts, Vrije Universiteit Brussel; Richard. Williams, Jr., Woods Hole Research Center; James C. Zachos, University of California, Santa Cruz; GS; NOAA, ETOPO1 Bedrock, 1 arc-minute global relief model copyright © September 2013 National Geographic Society

If all the ice on earth melted, Australia would still be a sizable landmass but four out of five residents would need to move.

The National Geographic magazine has published an amazing set of images in its interactive “If All The Ice Melted” web feature. It has let Business Insider post a few of the maps here.

According to National Geographic, if the 5 million cubic miles (20.84 million cubic kilometres) of ice currently on land melted, the sea level would rise by 216 feet (66 metres).

South Australia’s Spencer Gulf would extend much further inland, and an inland sea would form around the Lake Eyre basin, which sits about 15 metres below sea level today.

The country “would lose much of the narrow coastal strip where four out of five Australians now live,” National Geographic reports.

Check out more images in our global story, or on the National Geographic website.

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