Here's a map showing how Trump's approval ratings in each state have changed since he took office

Nearly two years after taking office, President Donald Trump has gotten less popular in each state and Washington, DC.

The polling firm Morning Consult releases monthly approval ratings for Trump from each state. In January 2017, the month Trump was sworn in to office, he was broadly popular across a wide geographic area. Trump had a negative net approval rating – the difference in the share of the population approving of his performance minus the percentage disapproving – in only six states and Washington, DC.

Unsurprisingly, some of Trump’s highest approval ratings came from stalwart Republican states in the interior of the country and the Southeast, while his lowest net approval came from liberal bastions on the West Coast and in the Northeast, along with the crucial upper Midwestern swing states.

By November 2018, the most recent month of polling reported by Morning Consult, Trump’s net approval rating had fallen in every state and DC, ranging from mere 4 percentage-point declines in South Dakota and Wyoming to a massive 33 percentage-point collapse in New Mexico. More people disapproved of than approved of Trump in 25 states and DC.

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Trump’s approval rating is underwater in all the states won by Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, often by double-digit margins. Notably, Trump also has a negative net approval rating in the key battleground states Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania – as well as Iowa and Arizona.

Trump’s support remains reasonably strong in more reliably conservative parts of the country, such as Appalachia, the Deep South, and parts of the interior mountain states, including Wyoming, where Trump enjoys his highest net approval rating.

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