MAP: Here's Where To Find Each GAYTM In Sydney

This map shows where the ten GAYTMs created by the ANZ Bank for the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade this weekend are located in Sydney. (Unfortunately, it’s not available as a live Google Map, but you can see the full interactive version on ANZ’s site here.)

Here’s an explanation by the ANZ bank of the design of each GAYTM plus Google Maps links to each one:

PRIDE at 242 Pitt St The rainbow flag goes wild! Used since the ’70s as the symbol of gay pride, the colours reflect the diversity of the LGBTI community. Each colour has its own symbolism: red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, blue for art and violet for the human spirit.

UNICORN DREAM at 388 George St. Whimsical, mystical and fabulous. It’s not really known why the unicorn has become such a gay icon, but it could just be that it’s a ridiculous horse with a horn on its head.

DENIM DARLING at 543 Crown St. Torn, patched, bleached and studded – so many ways to wear your heart on your denim! Just like a denim jacket lovingly personalised and worn with pride, this GAYTM is a proud statement of individuality.

GO WILD at 388 George St. Sexual diversity has been observed in nearly 1,500 species on the planet. So the birds and the bees DO do it too!

HELLO SAILOR at 81 Oxford St, Darlinghurst. Who doesn’t love a man or woman in uniform? The ‘sailor’ was always destined to become a gay icon. The nautically astute may also spot G.A.Y. spelled out in naval signage on this GAYTM. 2014 also marks the second year that the Defence Force has allowed its members to march in uniform in the Mardi Gras. We salute you!

MO’ TOWN at 242 Pitt St. Step aside hipsters, facial hair and the LGBTI community go way back. Think the iconic disco ‘stache back in the 70s and the mo’s that drag kings have drawn on for decades. Viva la ‘stashe!

PINK INK at 410 Oxford St, Bondi Junction. A permanent and creative way of making a statement? That’s got LGBTI written all over it. And now many LGBTI people are written all over, to express what they love, how they feel and who they are.

PARTY PEOPLE at 205 Castlereagh St. It’s undisputed. The LGBTI community can shake it with the best of them. But surprisingly they weren’t the first. People have been shaking it Mardi Gras style for centuries. From Brazil to New Orleans, it has come to be known as a day of music, colour, festivity and fabulous costumes. Bat those lashes, babes!

EQUAL LOVE at 205 Castlereagh St. t’s time to celebrate the diversity of love. It doesn’t matter what form love comes in, if it’s love, we’re behind it. This GAYTM represents equality for all. Mwah.

DRAG IT UP at 81 Oxford St, Darlinghurst. Drag performers are fabulous, obviously. But what’s not so obvious is the fabulous role they’ve played in LGBTI activism. In the 60s, the US State Department labelled homosexuals ‘subversive’ and banned cross-dressing. In response, drag performers put on some power pumps and helped instigate the Stonewall riots, bringing the gay plight to the mainstream.

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Unicorn Dream

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