This one map shows the mounting tensions between NATO and Russia

With the continuation of hostilities in Ukraine and the US and Russia backing opposite sides in the Syrian Civil War, relations between Moscow and NATO has continued to sink to some of their lowest levels since the end of the Cold War.

This continuation of tensions has led to Russia and NATO to carry out significant military activities throughout Europe as both sides try to increase the pressure and show their military capabilities.

The following map, from the Institute For The Study For War (ISW) shows how this tension across Europe is playing out.

Following a NATO announcement in April that it would consider carrying out the deployment of battalions to Poland and the Baltic States to reassure those members against Russian aggression, Moscow announced in May that it was heightening its military posture in Europe.

This change of posture was reflected by the placement of three new divisions in the Western and Southern military districts along the borders of Europe. Additionally, Russia carried out a series of high profile military moves aimed at NATO.

In the beginning of June, for instance, a Russian submarine was intercepted by NATO on its approach towards the English Channel. Tensions have also been rising sharply between Russia and the US over the placement of ships in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

You can read ISW’s entire timeline of Russian and NATO military posturing here»

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