Here is the map Donald Trump doesn't seem to understand

In this excerpt from Connectography: Mapping the Future of Global Civilisation, Daniel Halper, a leading global strategist, explains why Americans should embrace the emergence of a united North American region.

Here is the map Donald Trump doesn’t seem to understand.

No matter what walls he may seek to expand along the Mexican border, the truth is that both the Mexican and American populations along the border have risen by 20 per cent in the past decade.


Because business is booming between Mexico’s fast-­growing market and American businesses.

That’s not all.

Even though the XL pipeline failed, there are already dozens of freight rails, pipelines, electricity grids and trade corridors that unite the US, Canada, and Mexico, which has just welcomed huge American investment to modernise its oil industry.

American car companies are thriving in Mexican factories, but this is actually creating American jobs producing high­quality auto­parts.

Now fast forward and think about droughts caused by climate change wiping out much of America’s breadbasket region.

It turns out that Canada will be the world’s largest food producer as temperatures rise and its permafrost thaws, meaning it will become America’s principal source of both food and freshwater through the massive hydro­canals featured in this map.

Americans should embrace the emergence of a genuine North American Union.

Republished with permission. This map is part of a set designed exclusively for the publication of Parag Khanna’s new book, “Connectography: Mapping the Future of Global Civilisation.”

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