This Map Proves That Silicon Valley Isn't The Only Spot Where You Can Work For An Amazing Tech Company

Earlier this year, Fortune released its list of the 100 best companies to work for. Exactly half of the top 10 are tech companies. Of the full list of 100 best companies to work for, 19 are tech-related. Surprise: Not all of them are located in Silicon Valley. The team over at Expert Market made a handy map to show the spread of top tech companies:

Here’s the companies who made the cut:

1. Google (California)

2. SAS (North Carolina)

6. Genentech (California)

7. (California)

8. Intuit (California)

20. Ultimate Software (Florida)

29. Rackspace Hosting (Texas)

32. Qualcomm (California)

33. NetApp (California)

34. World Wide Technology (Missouri)

38. (Nevada)

55. Cisco (California)

70. Autodesk (California)

72. Novo Nordisk (New Jersey)

83. Adobe Systems (California)

84. Intel (California)

86. Microsoft (Washington)

93. Hyland Software (Ohio)

98. Hitachi Data Systems (California)

For contrast, here’s the geographical layout of all the top 100 companies across the country:

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