E! NEWS POLL: America Is Split 51-49 On Whether Or Not Manti Te'o Knew About The Hoax

manti te'o girlfriend screenshot

Photo: Deadspin

Here’s a clear indication that the American people really have no idea what to think about this Manti Te’o hoax.An E! News poll asking readers if they think Manti Te’o was in on the hoax is 51.1% “yes” and 48.9% “no” right now.

The poll has been live since at least yesterday (it was reference on the E! News broadcast last night), so we can assume a large number of people have voted.

This isn’t hard science, obviously. But it’s a reflection of how plausible the case is for both sides of the argument.

A razor thin margin. Incredible:

e news manti teo poll

Photo: E! News

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