Manny Ramirez Is Taking A Huge Paycut In His Return To Baseball

Manny Ramirez

Manny Ramirez signed a one-year contract with the Oakland A’s, officially taking him out of retirement. But what is amazing about the deal is just how little he is willing to play for in his 20th big league season.

The contract is for $500,000. But Manny must still serve 50 games of his 100-game suspension*. That means Manny will make less than $350,000 once his salary is prorated.

You know who will make more than that this year? Everybody! Major League Baseball’s minimum salary under the new collective bargaining agreement is $480,000.

That’s a pretty deep paycut for a 20-year veteran with Hall-of-Fame numbers. Just three years ago, Manny signed a 2-year, $45 million contract. And in his career, he has made over $200 million.

Then again, Manny is the same guy that once left $10,000 in his glovebox when he asked a clubhouse attendant to wash his car. So maybe money doesn’t mean that much.

* for some odd reason, even though Manny chose retirement over suspension last year, he is getting credit for time-served

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