Manhattanites Give Mayor Bloomberg Mostly High Marks For Sandy Management

mayor michael bloomberg

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Half of the city is without power.The subways are flooded.

And every other restaurant is closed.

But most Manhattanites are praising Mayor Bloomberg for his handling of Hurricane Sandy.

“Fantastic job,” Bill Harris, an Upper East Side resident, told us. “He’s on top of it, he’s communicating. I’m going to miss him.”

Bloomberg spent the day surveying the areas most damaged, including Breezy Point, Queens.

Victoria Aviles, who also lives near 57th Street and Third Avenue, echoed Harris’ sentiments.

“He’s done a wonderful job,” she said. She said she watched each of Bloomberg’s press conferences.

You might think that anyone comfortably residing on higher ground would naturally offer more praise.

Not so.

Karl Smith, a teacher who lives on 24th Street between 9th and 10th avenues, said Bloomberg gave everyone fair warning.

“The communication before was great,” he said. “He said what kind of preparations to make, but I think after Irene (which proved to be a relatively mild storm), people didn’t take it seriously.”

Smith admitted he was guilty of exactly that, having not purchased any kind of radio beforehand.

Praise was not totally universal. 

Terry Myers, a neighbour of Smith’s, said he was under the impression Bloomberg had refused FEMA assistance with preparations, although it is not clear that Bloomberg did in fact do so.

In any event, Myers said there ended up being six feet of water in his boiler room.

But Marilyn Vasta, who also lives in Chelsea and whose boilerroom also flooded, said Bloomberg’s management had been effective.

“I think he’s handled it fabulously,” she said. “I think he was right to tell people to evacuate. He wasn’t overly paranoid.”

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