A Ridiculously Cool Animated GIF Of Manhattanhenge

Stormy weather may have ruined Wednesday night’s Manhattanhenge — the twice-a-year phenomenon when the sun sets in perfect alignment with Manhattan’s street grid — but New Yorkers were still treated to a special viewing of the glowing orange orb the day after.

Last night, the full sun (although not perfectly aligned with the grid) illuminated city blocks before disappearing into the horizon. You’ll have to wait until July 11 to see the spectacular show again. 

This photo and animated GIF of the rare event captured on 42nd street between 2nd and 1st avenues was sent to us by reader Jon Lorenzini:  


Photo: Jon Lorenzini


Photo: Jon Lorenzini

Twitter and Instagram users didn’t disappoint, either:

ManhattanhengeThe full sun on the shoulder of the 59th Street Bridge

Photo: @isardasorensen


Photo: @SimpleJ0ys


Photo: @schranknbake

ManhattanhengeA view of the Chrysler Building after Manhattanhenge

Photo: @GerryPadden

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