One Of NYC's Late-Night Food Deserts Just Got An Upgrade

Andouille Sausage Burgers, Manhattan Proper

Photo: Alexis Dixon, for Business Insider

This is us, looking out for you, Wall Street.If you happen to find yourself walking the streets of Lower Manhattan hungry late at night, your options have traditionally been to:

  • a. Eat at McDonald’s
  • b. Starve
  • c. Claw your way to another neighbourhood.
  • d. Dumpster dive

And forget about watching sports while you eat. It’s just not happening.

That’s why when we heard about Manhattan Proper, a new gastropub/sports bar on 6 Murray Street, we had to check it out.

Last night, we walked through an unassuming door on a dark, downtown street and into a fully stocked sports bar with gleaming 70 inch TVs. The place opened on Monday, and already a decent crowd was standing around the bar shouting, laughing… doing what you do in a sports bar.

And for obvious reasons, you’re going to love that. But what really shines here is the food.

Executive Chef Rae Banks came to New York City by way of New Orleans. When he linked up with partners Rob Zahn and Will Strozier there was an understanding — Manhattan Proper would have no ordinary bar food.

“One of the biggest mistakes bars make is that they’re not chef driven,” Banks told Business Insider. “Customers get whatever is frozen or deep fried… I wanted to make the food that I wanted to make, and show people that you can have fresh food in a bar.”

Remember: This is a sports bar. In the Financial District. That said, here are some menu standouts:

  • Andouille Sausage Sliders
  • Black Bean Burger
  • Portabella Mushroom Bruschetta with Gruyere
  • Vietnamese Chicken Wings

And we can’t forget the seasonal cocktails — the Proper Peach Iced Tea or the Basil and Grapefruit especially deserve your attention.

Right now, as the kitchen gets going, there’s a limited menu. Come Monday, there will be a full 22-dish menu (which you can check out here, via Tribeca Citizen).

So to review: Manhattan Proper is a gastropub sports bar. It is also an oasis in a food desert.

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