Manhattan Private Schools Reportedly Deploying Parents To Spy On Prospective Students' Families

The New York Post reports on a new trend in private school admissions — having parents spy on potential students and their families.

According to the Post:

“Manhattan’s elite private schools have enlisted the parents of their students to spy on prospective families during school tours to get the skinny on how the kids and their parents act when they’re not under the glaring eye of the admissions director.”

The practice is reportedly in place at a number of different schools around Manhattan. “At a certain point a mum spilled that she had been asked to go on the tours and watch how the prospective parents behaved, and then it got out that it was a common thing,” one private school mother told the Post.

An admissions staff member at Columbia Grammar — one of the schools that allegedly uses parent spies — denied that this practice existed, telling the Post “The ones that are tagging along are the ones that are learning the tour routes. They’re learning to volunteer.”

Check out the full story on prep school parent spies at the New York Post >>

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