Photos Of NFL Players With Mangled Hands Will Make You Think Twice About Playing Football

Arizona Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson
lost the tip of his left middle fingerwhile
trying to make a tackleagainst the Saints last Sunday.

When he took off his glove on the sidelines, a part of Johnson’s finger was still in it. While a normal person might faint at the sight of their own severed finger, Rashad Johnson simply had his hand taped up and continued playing.

“You don’t come out of a football game because of a finger. They would laugh at you,” former New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan once said in an interview about his own mangled fingers.

For whatever reason, NFL players seem to be ok with sacrificing their hands for the sake of football.

Cardinals Safety Rashad Johnson lost the tip of his left middle finger while making a tackle. He had it taped up, though, and continued playing.

Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott had the tip of his left pinky finger amputated so he could play more football.

Source: NFL Network

When a doctor was treating Anthony Munoz's dislocated finger, the Hall of Fame tackle screamed 'Son of a biscuit eater!'

Torry Holt calls his dismantled hand his 'trophy.'

Michael Strahan says his finger injuries are 'all from grabbing people' on the field.

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Source: YouTube/Vaseline

The same reason probably applies to Marcellus Wiley as well.

Retired offensive lineman Brian Baldinger started crying when he injured his finger in practice.

Source: 975TheFanatic

Texans linebacker Whitney Mercilus lost a fingertip because of a freak weighlifting accident.

Source: MartyTimeTV

Denver Broncos legend Randy Gradishar feels fortunate that only his fingers were affected by football.

Source: The Denver Post

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NFL players toughen out these injuries because they get paid the big bucks...

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