MANDY DRURY: Here's How To Not Be Eaten By A Shark

CNBC anchor Mandy Drury, who is an Australian native and a former Great Barrier Reef lifeguard, gave tips on how to not get eaten by a shark in a new video posted on

This is an important life hack, so pay attention.

Here they are: Don’t wear “yummy yellow” and don’t play with a dog, she says. 

“Don’t wear yummy yellow because sharks have very bad vision, but they can spot yellow and orange. So we’re always told don’t wear yummy yellow. Don’t play with a dog before going in the water because dogs have a much stronger smell and that smell rubs off on you and sharks can detect that much further away.”

Drury says she likes to wear dark blue, green or black when it comes to her swimsuit.

Check it out below: 

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