'I was just doing my job': Security guard credited with diverting gunfire away from Las Vegas concert

Paddock mandalay bay hotel roomBild exclusive/PolarisThe door to Stephen Paddock’s room after a SWAT unit used explosives to gain entry.

A security guard wounded when he approached Stephen Paddock’s room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on Sunday night is being credited with distracting the gunman, possibly stopping him from continuing to shoot at crowds on the Las Vegas Strip, 32 floors below, CNN reported citing law-enforcement officials.

Jesus Campos was released from the hospital on Thursday.

Campos was patrolling the halls inside the hotel and was responding to reports of a commotion, said David Hickey, president of the hotel’s security guard union.

Once Campos got to the shooter’s floor, he discovered the stairwells had been barricaded.

As Campos neared the gunman’s room, he was shot in the upper right thigh. Paddock, who was armed with a cache of firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition, had “fired through the door, striking Mr. Campos,” Hickey said. Police later discovered that Paddock had set up cameras in the hallway to monitor activity outside his room.

Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said in a press conference on Wednesday that he saw what looked to be about 200 rounds of bullets fired through Paddock’s room door, and said it was “amazing that the security guard didn’t sustain additional injury.”

Paddock may have stopped shooting at the crowd on the Las Vegas Strip because Campos approached his room, Clark County Undersheriff Kevin McMahill said.

Despite being wounded, Campos kept working alongside Las Vegas police who rushed the 32nd floor.

“His bravery was amazing because he remained with our officers, providing them the key pass to access the door and continued to help them clear rooms until our officers demanded he seek medical attention,” Lombardo continued.

“I was just doing my job,” Campos said to ABC News.

Campos is expected to undergo surgery to remove the bullet, Hickey said.

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