Manchester United Fans About To Celebrate Yet Another Premier League Title, Thanks To The Owners They Hate


On Sunday, Manchester United defeated Chelsea 2-1 at Old Trafford to give them a six point lead in the English Premier League standings.

One point in their final two games will give Man U their 19th title, something that seemed unthinkable a year ago.

Last June it was reported that the Glazer family, who has owned controlling interest in the club since 2005, was $1.6 billion in debt. This led many to speculate that the Glazers would sell the team and end a marriage that has been acrimonious since the beginning.

The Glazers vowed not to sell the team, even turning down an offer of $2.2 billion a year ago. Despite uncertainty about the owners’ finances, there were reports that the team was doing very well financially, as Man U’s revenue has increased 44.0 per cent since 2006.

And all of this leads to a tricky situation for fans of the Red Devils. In 2005, when the Glazers gained control of the team, 93 per cent of the team’s fans “totally opposed” Malcolm Glazer’s ownership.

One of the biggest points of contention for the fans has been the rise in ticket prices, which have increased by an average of 5.8 per cent each year since the Glazers took control of the club. And now prices are set to increase again next season, which only lead to more anger from the fans.

But now that Red Devils are on the verge of winning their fourth league title in six seasons under the Glazers, it looks like their stake in the team is as strong as ever. The more success Manchester United enjoys on the pitch, the more revenue the team will generate. And the more revenue the team generates, the less likely the Glazers will be forced to sell the team.

As long as the Glazers own the team, the fans won’t be happy. But as long as the team is winning, the fans can’t really complain.