Questionable Penalty Screwed Manchester City In Their Crucial Champions League Match With Barcelona

Barcelona, from Spain’s La Liga, beat Manchester City of the English Premier League 2-0 in the first leg of the round of 16 Champions League match.

However, Manchester City appeared to get screwed when Barça was awarded a penalty kick on a foul that occurred outside of the box.

The play was clearly a foul on Manchester City’s Martín Demichelis who took Lionel Messi down from behind. At first glance, it did appear that the foul was in the box and should have been a penalty kick.

The ref did not hesitate as he awarded Barcelona a penalty kick and sent Demichelis off with a red card.

But was the foul actually in the box?

Here is another angle that makes it seem clear that the challenge was initiated outside the penalty area.

Here is where the contact first occurred.

Of course, the tackle continued into the box and the announcers felt the referee was within his rights to award the penalty kick. However, in a match of this magnitude and on a call this close, refs generally err on the side of not awarding a penalty kick.

In addition to the goal on the penalty kick, Manchester City was left a man down and conceded a second goal later in the game and now has a huge hill to climb when the two teams play the second leg in Barcelona next month.

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