A squirrel invaded the Manchester City pitch -- and it took groundsmen 8 minutes to catch it

Manchester City squirrelGetty ImagesThe Manchester City squirrel in all its glory.
  • A squirrel provided pre-match entertainment for the fans who arrived at the Manchester City vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers game early.
  • It took City’s groundsmen 8 minutes to capture the squirrel. The club later stated that it was released “safely.”
  • No squirrels were harmed in the pre-match pursuit — but one human was bitten.


A grey squirrel outwitted Manchester City’s groundsmen for eight minutes before it was finally captured on Tuesday.

The squirrel was spotted before the club’s League Cup clash against Watford at the Etihad Stadium.

The groundsmen tried to usher the squirrel away from the pitch using forks, shovels, and even their hands, but the squirrel refused to stay still — much to the delight of the fans who got there early.

One groundsman eventually had to change tactics, put on thick gloves, and scoop up the squirrel before finally taking the animal away from the pitch.

Manchester City squirrelGetty ImagesIt took 8 minutes to capture the squirrel.

Manchester City’s social media team stated that no squirrels were harmed. However, one groundsman was bitten, according to the Daily Mail.

Manchester City beat Watford 4-1 on penalties.

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