A number of fake stories have gone viral following the Manchester terrorist attack

LONDON — A number of false stories went viral and were reported by some of Britain’s biggest newspapers in the moments following last night’s attack on the Manchester Arena.

An unidentified man detonated a bomb at an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester venue on Monday evening, killing 22 and injuring at least 59. Greater Manchester Police confirmed that children are among the deceased.

A number of bogus stories went viral as the horrific scene in Manchester, north-west England began to unfold, and some are still being shared on social media this morning, despite being entirely false. 

There was not a gunman outside nearby Oldham hospital

A Facebook status falsely claiming that a man with a gun was outside a hospital in the town of Oldham eight miles from Manchester became the basis of stories published by the Daily Star and Daily Express.

Police in Oldham soon confirmed that no offences had taken place at the hospital and that all patients were “safe and well.”

This picture allegedly showing Ariana Grande backstage following the attack is not genuine

Twitter users were sharing a picture of the pop star allegedly backstage after the attack at the Manchester Arena.

This picture was not taken on Monday evening. It was taken on a film set of “Scream Queens” two years ago.

People made up missing friends

Lots of parents, family members, and friends posted pictures and details of loved ones who were missing after the attack on social media. However, not all of these posts were genuine and some were designed to generate retweets.

This image, shared by the Daily Mail, showed pictures of YouTube personalities who weren’t at the concert.

This includes a picture of a little boy who wasn’t at the Ariana Grande concert

This tweet purporting to show a boy who was missing following the attack is not genuine. The picture actually shows a child model posing for an article about fashion lines for people with Down syndrome published three years ago.

 Follow live coverage of the attack here.

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