INSTANT MBA: Don't Be Too Emotionally Invested In Your Business Project

Adam Rich, Thrillist

Photo: EntrepreneurOnline via YouTube

Today’s advice comes from Adam Rich, co-founder of Thrillist, via his interview with Inc.:“Everybody warned us, starting up a business is really hard, you’re gonna work a lot of hours, and we thought OK, we can do that. But what I don’t think anybody really kind of made an issue of, [and what] we probably found to be the most strenuous element of it, was the emotional toll of the project.”

Rich says that when he and his business partner, Ben Lerer, were just starting out, they were disagreeing about every small detail related to the company, and it’s because they were both so emotionally invested in the project.

Looking back on these discrepancies now, Rich says that “it’s never a question of do or die on any one little thing. It’s all a part of an overall effort.” He says it’s normal to feel emotional about your business, but not to let this get in the way of the bigger picture of what you want to accomplish.

“I think Thrillist was an especially emotional one because one of the strengths of it for us as first-time entrepreneurs was that it was a very personal project… It’s totally understandable to be stressed out about those little things, to have those keep you up at night… but here we are seven years later and we’re successful.”

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