INSTANT MBA: Managers Need To Have A Good Sense Of humour

Jennifer Merritt

Today’s advice comes from Jennifer Merritt, Editor at BBC Capital, via LinkedIn:

“The use of humour at work can be a manager’s best friend … humour can disarm uncomfortable situations and help employees identify with their bosses. Jokes aren’t a must for success as a manager, but studies suggest humour leads to creativity, better personal interactions and workplaces that are simply more fun.”

Merritt says that managers should consider poking fun at themselves to diffuse the situation in a tense room. Apparently, companies like Zappos use self-deprecating humour to lighten the mood at work. The results, Merritt says, are great for morale, and are simple enough to implement—in theory.

“In the end, it seems simple enough: make work fun — in just the right proportions — and employees are happier. Happier employees like their workplace more and will put more effort into their jobs, be more satisfied and, perhaps, feel less like a number and more like they matter to the success of the company.”

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