Managers are failing their employees in one essential area

Employees want feedback about their career paths, but their managers aren’t giving it to them.

A new study from Robert Half Finance & Accounting finds that 40% of managers never discuss an employee’s career path, even when a review has been requested.

The survey finds a lack of constructive communication between managers and employees, despite 37% of workers saying they would like to discuss their career paths at least quarterly.

Another 45% of employees want to review their performance annually to ensure they are moving in the right direction to secure promotions with the company.

The survey asked, “How often would you like your manager to discuss your career path with you?” and “How often does your manager discuss your career path with you?”

“Supervisors who are not discussing career progression with their staff are missing an opportunity to engage and retain their team,” said Paul McDonald, senior executive director for Robert Half.

“Employees who don’t know when they will earn a promotion or raise, or understand how they fit into a company’s long-term strategy aren’t likely to stick around long,” he added.

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