Management Programs Can Give Recent Non-Business Graduates A Leg Up In The Job Search

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While your psychology major might make you well-rounded, college grads with non-business degrees are finding that business skills are necessary for their careers.Universities are beginning to offer the Master’s in Management degree to recent grads who either want to become entrepreneurs or think a business education will propel their careers faster. 

Amy Hillman, the executive dean of the business school at Arizona State University, which recently launched it’s own MiM program, says the program can be a better fit for a young aspiring entrepreneur than an MBA program.

“There’s kind of a hole left in business education between people who get an undergraduate business degree and people who decide to pursue the MBA in that there are a lot of people who could benefit from some business content and tools but perhaps don’t have work experience, and that’s really what we’re targeting here.”

ASU decided to begin offering the degree, which Hillman says has long been popular in Europe, after they noticed a steady increase in the number of MBA applications they were receiving from students without work experience. They also noticed that those taking the GMAT, which is required for admission to graduate business programs, were getting younger.

Other schools in the U.S. offer some version of a management degrees, but most call it by different names and the time it takes to complete them varies. For instance, the University of Florida has a one-year Master of Science in Management program, while ASU’s MiM can be completed in just nine months.

But they’re all pretty similar in terms of what they’re offering — a general business education, contacts and advance opportunities that supposedly would not have been possible without a business degree.

With the job market still less than stellar, an additional degree is an attractive option for some. And if you’re hoping to run a successful business, it probably won’t hurt to know a bit about sales.

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