The man who destroyed Donald Trump's Walk of Fame star has been arrested

Police have arrested a man suspected of destroying Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame star.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the man’s identity has not been released. He was arrested on a charge of felony vandalism.

On Wednesday, a man who identified himself as James Otis vandalised Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame star in Los Angeles. It’s unclear if the man in police custody is Otis.

Otis had said he’s willing to face his punishment for the crime.

“I think I’ll have to handle the consequences of what I’ve done,” James Otis told Deadline on Wednesday. “I will gladly pay the money if I have to and if I must go to jail, I will.”

Deadline reported that vandalism carries a sentence of up to three years in jail and upward of $10,000 in fines in California. And the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which administers the Walk of Fame, has said that it wants the guilty person punished to “the full extent of the law.”

“I’m happy to go to trial,” said Otis, who had planned to turn himself into the LAPD.

At around 5:45 a.m. on Wednesday morning, Otis used a sledgehammer and a pick-ax to destroy the face of Trump’s star. He hoped to be able to remove the star and auction it off to benefit the women who are accusing the Republican presidential candidate of sexual misconduct.

This isn’t the first time Trump’s star has been vandalised. In January, someone spray-painted a Nazi swastika on it.

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