A man was arrested after trying to drive into a crowd in Antwerp, Belgium

Police officers and and Sedee-Dovo, the mine clearance service of Belgian defence, patrol in Antwerp where Belgian police arrested a man on March 23, 2017 after he tried to drive into a crowd at high-speed in a shopping area in the port city of Antwerp. Photo: Virginie Lefour/ AFP/ Getty Images.

A man was arrested after he tried to drive into a crowd in Antwerp, Belgium at around 11 a.m. local time, according to police.

The driver was arrested and named as Mohamed R, born on May 8, 1977, of French nationality and domiciled in France, according to Belgian prosecutors.

People managed to jump out of the car’s way and the military chased and stopped the car, the city’s Mayor Bart de Wever said at a press briefing.

“The vehicle was travelling at high speed on the Meir [main shopping street], so people had to jump to the side,” Antwerp police chief Serge Muyters said at the press briefing.

The driver, “a man of North African origin” who was wearing a “camouflage uniform,” was arrested after a chase in the centre of the city, he said.

The driver attempted to flee when soldiers tried to intercept the vehicle but shortly afterwards Antwerp police rapid response team was able to intercept.

Different weapons were discovered in the trunk, including bladed weapons, a riot gun, and a can containing a product that has not yet been identified. The bomb squad is at the scene and additional police and military were deployed in the city.

Given the initial information gathered and taking into account what happened on Wednesday in London, it was decided to give the file to the federal prosecutor’s office.

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