Anonymous Man Is Tipping Fast-Food Workers $100 Bills For The Holidays

Dollar billsREUTERS/BeawihartaA sort-of ‘Secret Santa’ has been making the rounds in fast-food restaurants in Hyannis.

There is apparently a very generous man roaming the streets of Hyannis, Massachusetts. 

An anonymous donor that “resemble[s] Santa Claus” is going around the fast-food restaurants of Hyannis and leaving $US100 bills for every single employee, according to the Cape Cod Times

These mysterious gifts seem to be an effort to spread some holiday cheer, as the crisp $US100 bills are placed in white envelopes that are stamped with “Merry Christmas” on the front. 

The man has been to five fast-food restaurants so far: a local coffee shop called Marylou’s, two Dunkin’ Doughnuts, and two McDonald’s restaurant, reports the Boston Globe

None of the restaurant workers recognise him, and he always makes sure to leave a holiday gift for every employee. 

At the coffee shop, the man approached the assistant manager and asked how many workers were employed there — when she told him how many, he proceeded to pull 15 envelopes from a large stack, so that every employee would get an envelope. 

And this is not the first time this has happened. 

A mysterious donor comes around every year before the holidays to hand out envelopes with generous tips — last year it was $US50 through a woman acting on “Santa’s behalf,” according to Eater

Although large-scale tipping is not too uncommon   — in July, two men went around handing $US100 tips to fast-food workers  — it is a heartwarming story in the wake of the fast-food workers strike for better wages

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