A Man Survived Being Hit By An Amtrak Train Going 110 Miles Per Hour

Wikimedia CommonsA man survived after being hit by an Amtrak trian at 110 mph.

An Indiana man survived after being hit by an Amtrak train going 110 mph on Friday morning,
according to NBC.

22-year-old Darryle See was listening to music with headphones on and walking on the tracks when the Chicago-bound train struck him, near Michigan City, Indiana.

He was thrown about 20 feet and came away from the accident with fractures in his pelvis and non-life threatening neck injuries, his grandmother, Helen Hugley, told the Northwest Indiana Times.

One of See’s sneakers was found about 150 feet away from where he landed.

See told police he did not hear the train’s whistle, according to ABC. Conductors told police they blew the horn several times, and put on the emergency brake before the collision.

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